[NICE: The Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel]

International Eiffel Programming Contest,
Eiffel Class Struggle 2003


Welcome to the Eiffel Class Struggle 2003, the International Eiffel Programming Contest. On this page you should find all the information necessary to submit an entry. As all Eiffel vendors have a free version of their tools, you can use the tool that suits you. The closing date is 31 October 2003. Entries received on or after 1 November 2003 0:00 GMT have to be rejected.

You can compete in several areas. For example in innovation, portability, or readability. See the judging rules for how entries are judged. Much success!

Rules for the Eiffel Class Struggle 2003

Overview of the rules:

  1. To enter, submit an Eiffel application or library.
  2. Any individual or organization may participate, except Berend de Boer.
  3. Entries can compete anonymously. Judges will not get the name of the author of the library or application. If the author's name is in the indexing clause of every class, their entry is not anonymous and no effort will be made to make it anonymous. It is therefore up to the contestant to enter an anonymous entry.
  4. Judges may participate, but only anonymously. It is up to the judges to submit an entirely anonymous library or application. For example, it should not contain an indexing clause with the name of the author, nor should it be an library or application that is already well-known. If Berend de Boer considers an entry submitted by a judge not anonymous enough, it will not compete.
  5. Judges may participate, but are last in choosing a prize, even if their entry is number one. If there are no prizes left, well, too bad!
  6. A contestant may submit any number of entries.
  7. It must be possible to build the software using some Eiffel development system. Please indicate the system and version number with which your entry was built.
  8. The application must run under Linux, FreeBSD or Windows NT/XP. Other systems can be considered upon request.
  9. The entries should be submitted as compressed collections of files (either in .bz2, .zip or gzip format) as a MIME attachment to berend@pobox.com.
    This email may not contain a disclaimer of any kind. If the email contains a disclaimer that the recipient may not dissiminate, copy, etc. etc. the contents, your entry will be rejected, until you send it without such nonsense.
  10. The software must be documented in English. Excellent prose will not be rewarded, but you will lose marks if the judges cannot understand the documentation.
  11. You must release the source code for free public use. Suggested is the Eiffel Forum License, Version 2.
  12. The closing date for submissions is 31 October 2003.


Wanted! Preferably alive. If you want to be a judge, please send an email.

Confirmed judges:

  • Brian Heilig (ITT)
  • Cyril Adrian (SE team)
  • Friedrich Dominicus (Q Software Solutions)
  • Gerardo Rossel (Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Argentina)
  • Joseph R. Kiniry (NICE board)
  • Ken Stauffer (Stauffer Computer Consulting)
  • Olivier Zendra (SE team)
  • Robert Will


Each participant and judge will receive a CD (offered by Object Tools) containing all submissions.

Participants may choose (in order of rank) one of these:

  1. 1400 US Dollars (donated by NICE)
  2. 800 US Dollars (donated by NICE)
  3. 400 US Dollars (donated by NICE)
  4. Five Professional Visual Eiffel licenses (donated by Object Tools).
  5. A copy of the latest version of EiffelStudio Enterprise Edition (participant chooses operating system). Value: up to US$7,999.00 (donated by Eiffel Software).
  6. A copy of the latest version of Eiffel ENViSioN! Enterprise Edition. Value: US$999.00 (donated by Eiffel Software)
  7. A prepaid registration to the next TOOLS Conference (donated by Eiffel Software)
  8. A free registration for SmartEiffel (donated by the SmartEiffel team).