[NICE: The Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel]

NICE Membership List

To facilitate collaboration among the members of NICE, our membership list is provided here. Our newest members are in an italic font. NICE board members are in a bold font. If a member provided information about their interests with their application it is listed in edited form on the line following their name.

  • Colin Adams (Preston, Lancashire, England)
  • Cyril Adrian (Schiltigheim, France)
    Language specification, Eiffel libraries and applications, especially for the Free Software community.
  • Farhan Ahmed (PA, USA)
    C/C++, Java, Eiffel, Eclipse, PHP, Perl.
  • David Kreth Allen (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
    Interested in applying Eiffel to solve ordinary business problems. Hoping to develop classes to facilitate DataWarehousing applications in Eiffel.
  • Franck Arnaud (Cambridge, England)
  • Karine Arnout (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Volkan Arslan (Neu-Ulm, Germany)
    Language, library (OODBMS bindings for Eiffel)
  • Andreas Auras (Wiehl, Germany)
    Eiffel vendor.
  • Senthil Nathan Balaji (Chennai, India)
    Language specification.
  • Francois Barret (Golfe-Juan, France)
    To learn more about Eiffel and OO design and methods.
  • Thomas Beale (England)
    Large systems engineering, ODBs, marketing, health informatics.
  • Achraf Belahbib (Morocco)
  • Wilfried Berger (London, England)
  • Marco Bernasconi (Salorino, Switzerland)
  • Eric Bezault (St. Trojan Les Bains, France)
  • Kolari S. Bhat (Brentwood, TN, USA)
  • Richard Bielak (Matawan, NJ, USA)
    Interested in developing open source Eiffel libraries.
  • Artur Biesiadowski (Gdansk, Poland)
    Language, library, integration with Java.
  • David Broadfoot (Brookvale, Australia)
  • Roger Browne (Lancaster, England)
  • Franck de Bruijn (So Paulo, Brazil)
  • Mark Bruscke (N. Caldwell, NJ, USA)
    Financial instruments (securities, derivatives), data modeling
  • Gerry Butler (South Yarra, Victoria, Australia)
    Library, language, OO design.
  • Ignacio Calvo (Madrid, Madrid, Spain)
    Language and library.
  • Chana L. Campos (Austin, TX, USA)
    I am a Technical Architect who is interested in learning more about Eiffel and OO in general.
  • Robert W. Carter (Fort Hood, TX, USA)
    Web application development, Linux, object databases.
  • Michael Cavanaugh (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
    Language, library and cross-platform support.
  • David Carrigan (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
  • Wally Cash (Newport News, Virginia USA)
    To utilize Eiffel and Programming-By-Contract methodology to develop a portable retained mode graphics API and related technology on top of OpenGL.
  • Ali Cehreli (Mountain View, California, USA)
    Current C++ user...
  • Jorge Chong Chang (Guayaquil Guayas, Ecuador)
    SmallEiffel, gtk, BeOS, VisualEiffel, Concurrent Programming under Eiffel.
  • Rick Chapman (Brooklyn Park, MN, USA)
    I would like to help in any way that I can. I have been a software developer through software manager mostly for embedded medical systems. I feel that Eiffel is the best language for development and would like to promote Eiffel.
  • Nick Coghlan (Brisbane, Australia)
    Promotion of Eiffel as a fully-capable language that is supportive of disciplined software development, rather than detrimental to same.
  • Paul Cohen (Stockholm, Sweden)
    DbC, Eiffel compiler differences, interfacing with other languages (C), graphics, commercial development
  • Eric Yves Colin (Dusseldorf, Germany)
    Library and language.
  • Dominique Colnet (Vandoeuvre Les Nancy, France)
    ELKS needs to be clean first.
  • Greg Compestine (Boulder, CO, USA)
    Language, libraries, education and promotion.
  • Yves Constantinidis (Paris, France)
    Software engineering.
  • Stephen Coombes (Bournemouth, Dorset, England)
    I am interested in programming in Eiffel. Having been introduced to Eiffel by a friend, I have found it to be the best programming language I have yet used.
  • Charles Corulli (Bellevue, WA, USA)
  • Jocelyn Coulmance (Puteaux, France)
  • Peter F. Cox (Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England)
    Language as independent software developer.
  • David Creelman (Marsfield, Australia)
    Graphics, animation, XML, Gtk (portable systems).
  • Paul G. Crismer (Embourg, Liege, Belgium)
    Portable libraries, business frameworks, persistence.
  • Jerel Crosland (Carpinteria, CA, USA)
    Developing applications using Eiffel.
  • Vincenzo D'Agostino (Roggiano Gravina, Cosenza, Italy)
    I'm Computer Science Engineering Student! I like very much Eiffel that I study now!
  • Niall Dalton (Cork, Ireland)
    I am interested in the language and library definition. I have a particular interest in concurrent extensions and execution of Eiffel.
  • Steven Davis (Lizella, GA, USA)
    Language, metrics, text processing, and especially number crunching.
  • Berend de Boer (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Want to submit a proposal.
  • Stijn Decneut (Leuven, Belgium)
    Libraries for Distributed systems and Multi Media. Standardization and widespread adoption of Eiffel.
  • Guido Dedene (Leuven, Belgium)
    Teaching Eiffel and Using Eiffel in research projects (e.g. MERODE).
  • Nev Delap (Brisbane, Australia)
    Promoting Eiffel and better OO implementations than C++, Java, and .Net push.
  • Veena Deshmukh (Maharashtra, India)
  • Edsko de Vries (Dublin, Ireland)
    I'm hoping to implement an Eiffel compiler for Kaino, a new all-OO operating system currently in development.
  • Ousmane Diallo (Dakar, Sénégal)
    Commercial development.
  • Otto Dominguez (Guatemala)
    Promoting Eiffel thru university courses.
  • Patrick Doyle (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
    Language and library.
  • Bourg Drevet jp (La Ciotat, France)
    C++, Eiffel of course
  • Alan I. Duchan (Buffalo, NY, USA)
    Am planning to learn Eiffel.
  • Joachim Durchholz (Wiehl, Germany)
  • Mike Durian (Boulder, CO, USA)
  • Jose Goñi Echeverra (Madrid, Spain)
  • J. Scott Edwards (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
    I have been looking for a programming language that I liked for 20 years. Eiffel is the best that I've found.
  • John O. Edwards (Columbia, SC, USA)
  • Sven Ehrke (Schopfheim, Germany)
    Language and library.
  • Geoff Eldridge (Alexandria, Australia)
    Eiffel advocacy and acceptance by a larger cross section of developers.
  • Ian Elliott (New Brighton, England)
    Programming in Eiffel.
  • Oluwasola Matthew Enitan (Lagos, Nigeria)
    Engineering in computers, commercial developments, etc.
  • Kevin Ethridge (San Antonio, TX, USA)
    Interested in Eiffel for enterprise cross platform development.
  • Ed Falis (West Newton, MA, USA)
  • Jocelyn Fiat (France)
    Working daily with Eiffel, contributing to EiffelStudio IDE, compiler, tools; leading EiffelWeb community project
  • Guy Fokou (Eghezee, Belgium)
    Develop applications, provide training, promote Eiffel in Africa and in the Benelux, build libraries, promote Design by Contract.
  • Richard Gams (Columbus, OH, USA)
    Eiffel, C++, Prolog, Expert Medical Systems.
  • Rafael Garca-Prieto (Mexico City, Mexico)
    I want to promote Eiffel in my country and help in the creation of components and libraries.
  • Michael Garnett (South Bound Brook, NJ, USA)
    Language, concurrency, IDEs, platform-specific-tools, escaping the clutches of C++.
  • Hugh Gibbons (Dublin, Ireland)
  • James J. Goss (Pasadena, CA, USA)
    Languages, testing, QA, objects everywhere.
  • James Graves (Rolling Meadows, IL, USA)
    I would like to use Eiffel for future software projects.
  • Bryan Green (AR, USA)
    Literate programming, Number Theory, Compiler Theory, Large numbers, String theory (approximation algorithms).
  • Neil Groves (Paradise Island, Bahamas)
    I am particularly interested in Eiffel for .NET and for solutions (with and without .NET ) for Artificial Neural Networks and Market Analysis / Trading.
  • Keith Gunn (Orinda, CA, USA)
    Language use for custom-coded commercial applications.
  • Bikal Gurung (Melbourne, Australia)
    Computer graphics, Eiffel programming, library.
  • David Halfpenny (NSW, Australia)
    Lecturing first year computer science using this wonderful language. Interested in the library classes available and desirable for modern applications.
  • Yoav Hakman (Adi, Israel)
  • Clive Hayward (Kingston, Canada)
    Build high-quality software applications. Utilizing object-oriented methods and design patterns in scientific applications.
  • Brian E. Heilig (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
    Promoting Eiffel.
  • James Heliotis (Rochester, NY, USA)
  • Darren Hiebert (Madison, AL, USA)
  • Charles Hixson (Oakland, CA, USA)
    Linux, AI, strategy and tutorial games, databases, cross-platform code.
  • Carsten Hoehne (Neustadt, Germany)
  • Kari Höijärvi (Klaukkala, Finland)
    Quality software.
  • Peter Horan (Geelong, Australia)
    Software engineering and development.
  • Darryl Houghton (Weymouth, Dorset, England)
    Learning computer programming.
  • Matt Howe (Wanneroo, Australia)
    Language specification. studying Eiffel programming language.
  • Jonah Lau Kung Hui (Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)
  • Stuart Hungerford (Canberra, Australia)
    Design patterns, DBC, XML, scripting.
  • Steve Hunter (Woodbridge, VA, USA)
    Python, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Components, SCOOP, BON.
  • Bob Hutchison (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
    Use of Eiffel in scientific and web-based applications.
  • Sergei S. Ivanov (Reutov, Moscow region, Russian Federation)
    Particularly interested in language and libraries evolution.
  • Jean-Marc Jézéquel (Rennes, France)
    Everything about Eiffel
  • Jimmy Jack Johnson (Andrews AFB, MD, USA)
    Library and language
  • Kurt B. Kaiser (Ipswich, MA, USA)
    Language, BON development.
  • Ciaran Kennedy (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Saifi Khan (India)
    Information security specialist, security library development, formal verification techniques (Z).
  • Todd Edwin King (Salem, VA, USA)
    I am a professional software developer. I generally use C++ and VB in my work, but I try to apply the principles DBC and CQS in my projects. I am still in the stage of learning Eiffel as a language.
  • Joseph Kiniry (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
    Almost everything.
  • James A. Knighten (Galveston, TX, USA)
    Graphics, data acquisition, simulation, motion analysis.
  • Alexander Kogtenkov (Moscow, Russia)
    Development of Eiffel tools (compiler, workbench, run-time, etc.) and libraries, fixing holes in the language, cross-environment portability issues.
  • Mikko Koivunalho (Turku, Finland)
    Language, library, and portability.
  • Karl Kones (Liverpool, England)
    Medical applications and artificial intelligence.
  • Majkel Kretschmare (Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany)
  • Siva Kumar (Hyderabad, India)
  • Michel Langlois (Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada)
  • Siu Lau (TX, USA)
  • Andreas Leitner (Graz, Steiermark, Austria)
  • Martin Lightheart (Stone Mountain, GA, USA)
    I want to participate in the future of Eiffel.
  • Simon MacKintosh (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
    My main interest is in developing tools that will help developers build more reliable software.
  • Prakash Manghwani (USA)
    Engineering reusable, adaptive, and robust code for distributed real time embedded systems.
  • Dave Makalsky (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
    IDEs (EDT, eiffel plugin for eclipse), etester - superior unit testing framework for eiffel, ERC - eiffel refinement calculus..
  • Eirik Mangseth (Haslum, Norway)
    Language, library
  • Phil Malin (Melbourne, Australia)
    OO analysis and design, Eiffel, AI, neural nets
  • Andrea Manna (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Keith Mantell (Winchester, Hampshire, England)
    Libraries (further standardization), x-platform, marketing
  • Francisco Marcos (Madrid, Spain, Spain)
    I want to promote Eiffel in Spain.
  • Dave E Martin (Ogden, UT, USA)
    portability in the language and libraries
  • David Massart (Brussels, Belgium)
    design by contract, teaching
  • Artur Matos (Maia, Portugal)
  • Glenn Maughan (Mordialloc, Australia)
    library, language
  • James McKim (Hartford, CT, USA)
  • Jason R. McVetta (Oberlin, OH, USA)
    Libraries and threading.
  • Mekio Yoo (Alta, Sweden)
    Image processing, radiology.
  • Pierre Metras (Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada)
  • Richard Mitchell (Seaford, England)
  • Richard Mitchell (Brighton, East Sussex, England)
  • Tom Mitchell (Wauwatosa, WI, USA)
  • Peter Monks (Coogee, Australia)
    I'm particularly interested in moving from using Eiffel as a hobby only to using it at work. I guess that means I'm interested in advocacy and or available Eiffel positions!
  • Frieder Monninger (Braunfels, Germany)
    Library and marketing.
  • Tom Morrisette (West Easton, PA, USA)
    I'll let my actions speak for me. So far I've been very quiet.
  • Roman Movchan (Melbourne, Australia)
    Language specification, component/libraries, commercial development, formal methods, RAD tools.
  • Eric Nedervold (Mountain View, CA, USA)
  • Jon R. Nials (Bertram, TX, USA)
  • Jose Monserrat Neto (Lavras, MG, Brazil)
    Computer Science, Programming using Eiffel, Informatics.
  • Ghislain Ngantchaha Ngougue (Yaoundé, Cameroon)
  • Sebastian Niesen (Meerbusch, Germany)
  • Danilov Nikita (Moscow, Russia)
  • Veli-Pekka Nousiainen (Espoo, Finland)
    ISE Eiffel Distributors, Eiffel Finland, representative as Product Manager, interested in marketing, programming, language standardization, etc.
  • Bill Nowlin (KS, USA)
    I would like to see Eiffel in commercial development. To pursue excellence in system development, we need better tools. Eiffel is that better tool!
  • Miguel Oliveira e Silva (Aveiro, Portugal)
    Programming language design, concurrency, and libraries.
  • La Vern R. Ogden (Sacramento, CA, USA)
    Language and libraries.
  • Clemens Oertel (Tuebingen, Germany)
    Client-server architectures, communication techniques, databases.
  • Mario Alberto Bastidas Ortiz (Culiacán, México)
    Language specification, syntax, objects.
  • Matthew Palensky (Omaha, NE, USA)
    Primary interests include formal methods, high performance web applications, object-oriented metrics, and patterns.
  • Douglas L. Pardee (Tampa, FL, USA)
  • Simon Parker (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Asif I. Pathan (Bangalore, India)
    Object-oriented design, formal methods.
  • Darin Peshev (CA, USA)
  • Robin Pike (Sunninghill, Berkshire, England)
    Software engineering techniques using OOA, OOD and OOP.
  • Miguel José Pinkas (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Martin Poblacion (Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina)
    Networking, electronics, and language.
  • Graham Polley (Manchester, England)
    Formal methods, B-Method, Eiffel, Java, Visual Eiffel, JBuilder, Design by Contract, type hierarchy, genericity.
  • Ronald J. Prenot (Green Bay, WI, USA)
  • Weston M. Price (Nashua, NH, USA)
    I am full time software engineer consultant primarily interested in using Eiffel in component construction and OOA/OOD academic research.
  • Bambang Purnomosidi D. P. (Jakarta, Indonesia)
    Language specification, libraries, distributed computing, OO software development.
  • Christophe Pythoud (Ecublens, Ecublens)
  • Owen A. Reddecliffe (Shoreline, WA, USA) Interests: Language spec, algorithm development, application development, teaching (of OO in general, and the Eiffel language in particular), promotion and adoption in the medical/industrial/financial arena, personal use for natural language analysis, neural nets, statistical apps and mathematical modelling. (Currently use C++ for all the above, and find it is too timewasting, and is not a good vehicle for teaching OO.)
  • Hein Röhrig (Murray Hill, NJ, USA)
  • Gerardo Rossel (Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Marcos Ruano (Palencia, Spain)
  • Dr. rer. nat. Michael Ryba (Stuttgart, Germany)
    Library, language, and environments.
  • Karl Sackett (Huntsville, AL, USA)
    Software engineering, libraries, real-time and embedded systems.
  • Dustin Sallings (Santa Clara, CA, USA)
    I like correct code.
  • Mark Sanchez (Las Palmas, Spain)
    Systems programming.
  • Ravi Shankar Sathish (Logan, UT, USA)
    I am currently doing a tool evaluation of ISE 4.5. I am writing a research paper to Strengthening solution Constructor based problem in Mixin.
  • Chris Saunders (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
  • William Scarmardo (Bryan, TX, USA)
  • David Schwartz (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)
  • Alexei Shestialtynov (Baden, Switzerland)
    Language, libraries, and marketing.
  • Sachin Shirodkar (Mumbai, India)
  • John W. Small (Great Falls, VA, USA)
    Currently program in C and C++ 15 yrs, Smalltalk 7 yrs, and Java.
  • Petr Smil (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Jonathan A. Smith (Evanston, IL, USA)
    Server-side programming in Eiffel for Flash/XML-based web applications in higher education. Natural language processing and simulation.
  • Raphael Simon (Goleta, CA, USA)
  • Manoj Singh (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India)
    Business development, Internet, E-commerce, software development.
  • Rabinder Srikijjaporn (Bangkok, Thailand)
    I just begin to study Eiffel but I have heard good things about this language.
  • Frank Stajano (Cambridge, England)
    Subset of building reliable software, cryptography and computer security, seeing Eiffel become popular, seeing its library converge on a standard
  • Emmanuel Stapf (Goleta, CA, USA)
  • Kenneth Stauffer (TX, USA)
    Parsing, OO techniques.
  • William R. Steinberg (Marietta, GA, USA)
  • Dr. Scott Steinman (Memphis, TN, USA)
    I m new to Eiffel, but I am interested in the language, its library, and the optimization of Eiffel programs.
  • William Stevens (OH, USA)
  • Damian Steward (Lewisham, Tasmania, Australia)
    Teaching beginners, libraries.
  • Slade Stewart (Roswell, GA, USA)
    Design-By-Contract in non-Eiffel languages.
  • Jeffrey L. Straszheim (Coral Springs, FL, USA)
    Currently I am interested in how Eiffel can benefit from the energetic development occurring within the Open Source community. To that end, I am presently working on a networking library, which is yet rather limited in its application and portability.
  • Jeffrey W. Stulin (Chestnut Hill, MA, USA)
  • Satpreet Singh Sudan (Chandigarh, Punjab, India)
    .NET integration, Eiffel COM, Vision
  • Robert Switzer (D-37073 Goettingen, Germany)
    Library and language.
  • Karl-Heinz Sylla (Sankt Augustin, Germany)
    Embedded systems, dynamic modeling, real-time systems, design patterns, language.
  • Chris Thomas (Brighton, E.Sussex, England)
    Language developments.
  • Steve Thompson (Berthoud, CO, USA)
  • Howard Thomson (Ashford, Middlesex, England)
    Database, user-interface (UI builders), and Eiffel IDEs.
  • Xu Yi Ting (Beijing, China)
    Language specification, libraries, O-O technologies, development.
  • Andrew V. Tischenko (Moscow, Russia)
  • Iizuka Tomio (Urawa, Saitama, Japan)
  • Guenter Troll (Lindau, Germany)
  • Javier Velilla (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Jason Voegele (Columbus, OH, USA)
    Language, library, and compilers.
  • Alexey Vyskubov (St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • Arno Wagner (Trier, Germany)
  • Kim Waldén (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Mark B. Wallace (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
    Zero-defect software; promoting Eiffel.
  • Robert Warren (London, England)
    Learning Eiffel.
  • Gordon Webster (Boston, MA, USA)
    Object-oriented development of biologically-inspired, parallel computational algorithms to address complex problems in biomolecular imaging and proteomics.
  • Jim Weirich (Cincinnati, OH, USA)
    I've been using SmallEiffel for a over a year. I teach OO.
  • Kevin Wells (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Library and language.
  • Ed Wilkinson (Canberra, Australia)
    I am a very impressed newbie, for what it's worth, from the Unix/C camp.
  • Simon Willcocks (London, England)
  • Peter E. Williams (Denver, CO, USA)
  • Peter Williams (Glebe, Australia)
    Commercial development, Open Source development, formal methods, IDEs.
  • Neil Wilson (Halifax, England)
    Helping out if I still can...
  • Ulrich Windl (Regensburg, Germany)
    Library, tools, GUI applications, language interfaces.
  • Mick Wood (Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England)
    I am, with several colleagues, currently using Eiffel as a first programming language on a number of different courses. About 250 students per year.
  • Mark Woodrow (Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England)
  • Steven M. Wurster (Ardsley, PA, USA)
  • Brian Win Yan (TX, USA)
    Language specification, libraries, IDEs, commercial development.
  • Wei Yi (Tianjin, China)
    Libraries and commercial development.
  • Olivier Zendra (Villers-Lès-Nancy, France)
    SmallEiffel, the GNU Eiffel compiler team member.
  • Christoph Zenger (Adelaide, Australia)
    I am a researcher in Programming Languages.
  • Alan Zimmerman (Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa)
  • Hans Zwakenberg (Willich, Germany)
    Library development, 3D-Graphics (Nurbs?).