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The Eiffel Struggle 1999

Awards for class libraries and applications in Eiffel

NICE is pleased to announce the results of the Eiffel Struggle 1999 competition of open source Eiffel projects.

Following the competition's tradition, entries have been granted gold, silver and browze awards. The table below lists the entries as they have been ranked by the judges.

The range of entries this year has been varied and impressive. All the contributions will be made available on the Eiffel Forum web site, and quite a few already have their own dedicated web pages.

I would like to thank the participants for their hard work, the judges for their time and our sponsors for making the competition possible.

The sponsors are:

Franck Arnaud: franck.arnaud@omgroup.com 1999-12-23
Eiffel Struggle '99 Organiser

Results (Announced 23 Dec 1999)

Rank Name Description Platforms
Gold mico/E [ * ]
by Robert Switzer & et al
CORBA implementation ISE Eiffel
Gold Design Patterns with Contracts's code [ * ]
by Jean-Marc Jezequel
Design pattern code associated with a book Smalleiffel, ISE, Any?
Silver VE GTK [ * ]
by Andrew Klochkov & Eugene Melekhov
Comprehensive Eiffel library for the GTK+ GUI toolkit Visual Eiffel, Smalleiffel, ISE
(Unix, Win32)
Silver Gobo Extensions
by Roger Browne
Extension to the Gobo data structure libraries providing sets, directed graphs, and associated cursors ISE, Halstenbach, Any?
Silver Moomba
by Daniel Prager
A few math classes (complex, fourier vector) Smalleiffel
Silver Xplain2SQL [ * ]
by Berend de Boer
Converter from Xplain data description language to SQL. Smalleiffel
(Unix, Win32 (with limitations))
Silver TimeDate
by Object Tools
Time and date library Visual Eiffel, ISE, Smalleiffel
(Win32, Unix, Any?)
Silver Exml [ * ]
by Andreas Leitner
XML parser ISE, Smalleiffel
(Win32, Unix?)
Silver Format
by Object Tools
Portable IO formatting library Any
(Unix, Any?)
Silver eInteractive [ * ]
by Patrick Schoenbach
Library addressing the specific needs of interactive applications, currently containing a container abstraction and an undo facility ISE Eiffel, Any?
(Unix, Win32)
Silver TCLMIDI and Midi-Eiffel
by Mike Durian
Language for creating and editing MIDI files and library to write midi applications Smalleiffel
Silver FOIL
by Sami Hangaslammi
Formatted IO classes (printf-style) Smalleiffel
Silver Eiffel Fox [ * ]
by Darren Hiebert
Eiffel binding for the FOX multiplatform GUI library ISE Eiffel
(Unix, Win32)
Bronze Smalleiffel engineer
by Pascal Poncin
Command line wrapper for Smalleiffel that extends its functionality (HTML reports, ancestors display, simple make facility, etc) Smalleiffel
(Unix, Win32, Any?)
Bronze ORA
by Object Tools
ORA is an application generator and in addition a strategy to write applications Visual Eiffel
Bronze Eiffel Sockets Library [ * ]
by Jeffrey Straszheim
TCP/IP sockets library Smalleiffel
Bronze KOLT
by Sven Ehrke
Kernel Object Library for Threads: multithreading library that encapsulates Windows threading primitives Visual Eiffel
Bronze epgsql
by Dave Martin
Interface to PostgresQL relational database Smalleiffel
Bronze Codegen
by Patrick Doyle
Code generation utility (from a model and associated scripts) Smalleiffel
(Unix, Any?)
Bronze DigiChip [ * ]
by Loris Bindoni
Digital electronics simulator (GUI based on breadboad metaphor) Smalleiffel
Bronze eCurses
by Paul G. Crismer & Eric Fafchamps
Eiffel binding for the curses library to write console application with scrolling, windows, cursor positioning, etc ISE Eiffel
(Unix, Win32)
Bronze Digital Circuit Simulator
by Marco Lizza
Digital electronic circuit simulation library and GUI example Visual Eiffel
by Michael Kretschmar
Unicode in Eiffel Smalleiffel, Visual Eiffel
Bronze Etest [ * ]
by Jim Weirich
Test framework for Eiffel Smalleiffel
Bronze Algebraic structures
by Chris Saunders
A set of classes covering abstract algebraic structures as a substitute for the kernel limited NUMERIC ISE Eiffel 4.4 (uses "create" syntax)
Bronze Float filter
by Peter Horan
Input filtering class for floating point numbers ISE Eiffel, Any?

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