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The Eiffel Struggle '98

Awards for class libraries and applications in Eiffel

This competition was organized by NICE, and sponsored by:

Eiffel Forum
Eiffel Liberty Journal
Everything Eiffel
Halstenbach ACT
Interactive Software Engineering
NICE, the Eiffel Consortium
Object Tools

Results (Announced 15 Dec 1998)

NICE is pleased to announce the results of the Eiffel Struggle '98. The competition has been a great success this year with twice as many entries as last year. We would like to thank the contestants for enthusiastically taking part to this competition, as well as our judges for their time and our sponsors for their support.

As last year, the entries have been granted gold, silver and bronze awards, but we would like to give a special congratulation to the winner of the contest. It is indeed the viewpoint of the judges that Franck Arnaud and his Fenestra library wins hands down.

Here are the entries as ranked by the judges:

Gold 1 Franck Arnaud Fenestra
Silver 2 Object Tools DALE: Database Access Library for Eiffel
3 Jim Cochrane TAL: Technical Analysis Library
- The Digital Window Ltd Magic Browser
- Ian Elliott Comparison Library
6 Thomas Beale Simple Test Framework
- Patrick Doyle eSQL: Eiffel SQL library
8 Alexander Kogtenkov Unrecognized Eiffel
9 Loryn Jenkins BeX: FRACTION
10 Robin van Ommeren
Andreas Leitner
11 Ian Elliott Command Line Scanning Library
12 Patrick Doyle SEDL: SmallEiffel Dynamic Linking
Bronze 13 Steven White SEEdIE: SmallEiffel Editor In Eiffel
14 David Clark The Weighing Game
- Sven Ehrke Programming Windows 95/NT with Visual Eiffel
- Andrew Jelavic Train Track Simulation
17 Friedrich Dominicus Eiffel Metrics System
18 Richie Bielak Eiffel/Gtk Interface
19 Joachim Bergmeyer Tcl-Eiffel
20 Peter Horan Cricket
21 Javier Alonso EiffelGeo Library
22 James Gessling netuser
23 Steven White GRAPE for SmallEiffel
24 Alex Cozzi IEEE arithmetic in Eiffel
25 Object Tools SMILE

All entries are available from the Eiffel Forum archive.

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