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The Eiffel Struggle 1997

As it seems the original pages for the 1997 struggle were no longer available, NICE has made an attempt to resurrect the participants and results. Any corrections in the following listings gladly accepted.

Author Description Platforms
Horan Input filter ISE4
Sieber Sun XVT Toolkit interface ISE,SE,TWR,S1.3
Parker Framework for communication, I/O ANY
Roy Phillips Interface to the Tcl/Tk interpreter & library. ISE (Linux)
Raines Framework for the development of solitaire card games ISE 3.x (Solaris)
Arnauld Container framework ANY
Roger Browne Evaluate .ini file VE
Marshall Safe command line input Tower
Ted Velkoff Observer design pattern in Eiffel ISE (Win)
Siebert Eiffel compiler for Sparc SE
Eric Bezault Parser/scanner generator ANY
Monks Framework for Allegro SE
Alonso Formula parsing cluster ISE

The first prize was given to Eric Bezault, Roy Phillips and Ted Velkoff.